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All of us in the UUAA community are struggling to cope with the many uncertainties in our lives right now. Included among those is the uncertainty of when we, as a community, can gather in-person again and what our lives might look like three months, six months, or a year from now. 

The UUAA COVID-19 Advisory Team wants to make sure that UUAA can maintain an environment where everyone continues to feel safe and supported whenever the time comes to gradually open our community’s physical doors again.  We will, of course, continue to follow all national, state, and local public health requirements.  And, beyond that, we need to hear from the members and friends of our community about the concerns and needs that you may be holding. 

We realize that in addition to public health considerations, you may have concerns related to personal health factors (pre-existing conditions or health vulnerabilities due to age), emotional factors (possible fears/anxieties related to in-person gatherings at this time; and/or, the need for in-person connection and support), and spiritual factors (the need for meaningful connection in community; and/or, the desire of not wanting to make others sick or inadvertently contribute to the spread of disease).

A survey is collecting congregational opinions on how UUAA should approach re-opening.Before taking the survey, and in the spirit of shared reflection, we hope you will take time to review some of the resources on this page that the UUAA COVID-19 Advisory Team is considering.

Thank You and Be Well,

The UUAA COVID-19 Advisory Team:  Laura Bauman, Jim Lee, Jim Marks, Tom Reischl, Quiana Perkins, Cassandra Hartley, Lindasusan Ulrich, and Manish Mishra-Marzetti


COVID-19 Information Resources

The UUAA COVID-19 Advisory Team invites you to review and carefully consider the resources/information appended below.  This represents a sampling of some of the guidance and information that our Team is holding as we consider the collective needs of our UUAA community: 


 If you have not already viewed the video message from Senior Minister Rev. Manish Mishra-Marzetti and Congregation President Erik Stalhandske, please watch this as for the context of the COVID-19 resources and survey.