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Our congregation is currently in the middle of a planned two-year transition period between called senior ministers. Our Minister Emerita, Rev. Geisenhainer, retired in August, 2016. We expect our next settled Senior Minister to join us on the UUAA's Road to the Dawning Future in the Fall of 2018!


DougWadkins sm

Since August, 2016 we have been energetically served by our wonderful UUAA staff led by our Interim Senior Minister, Rev. Dr. Douglas Wadkins. Rev. Wadkins both serves in the Senior Minister role at UUAA and helps us prepare for calling a new settled senior minister. His You can read or download the report using this link.interim ministry skills are helping us work on our governance, pastoral care program and other key tasks that we need to complete before we call our next settled senior minister. Rev. Wadkins has been assisted in his work by his UUAA Transition Team.


Our Ministerial Search Team is well along into the exciting work of preparing to search for our next settled Senior Minister. Over the next weeks and months the Ministerial Search Team may need your input to help guide the search process. Please come back to this web page or check the bulletin board outside of the social hall to keep up to date on the search.


Important Announcements from the Ministerial Search Team

(updated 1/8/2017)

The Search Team is excited to let the congregation know that we have received the names of fourteen talented ministers who are interested in becoming our next Senior Minister! We are very busy studying their ministerial records and discerning who might best serve UUAA into the dawning future. Please remember that this part of the search is very confidential. We cannot provide any information about the candidates-- Some have not let people know they are in search. We can say that we have some excellent candidates to consider and that the search team is enthusiastic and optimistic about this next phase of the search.
Beyond Categorical Thinking Workship, Thank you to the 80 congregants who attended the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop on January 6th. If you were unable to attend and would like to review the materials from the workshop, please use the following links to view or download

    The notes taken during the workshop. 
    Some actual case studies of identity stereotyping in UU congregations. 
    A quiz distributed at the workshop on UU categorical thinking

Congregational Survey Results can be viewed or downloaded using this link.

*We made a word cloud from the many wonderful things people said about UUAA in our October photo booth. Click here or on the image at the right for a larger view of the word cloud.

More information on the search process is available on this web site and on the bulletin board outside the Social Hall. Watch for the Dawning Future logo (shown at the top of this page) that marks ministerial search information in the UUAA Bulletin and Newsletter.


Ministerial Transition Time Line - The Search is On



UUAA can look forward to calling our next wonderful settled Senior Minister in April of 2018. The new minister would then join us in August or September of 2018

 This timeline shows both our accomplishments so far and the future milestones in the search process.



checkedcircle April, 2016

An application for an interim senior minister was submitted to the UUA (by the Board of Trustees interim ministry task force).


checkedcircleMay 20, 2016

Rev Doug Wadkins accepted the offer to serve as our Interim Senior Minister, from August 2016-18.


checkedcircleJuly, 2016

The Board of Trustees appointed the Transition Team to assist Rev Wadkins with transition activities.


checkedcircleJuly 31, 2016

 UUAA bid a fond farewell to our now Minister Emerita, Rev Geisenhainer. (She has retired to Maine.)


checkedcircleAugust 4, 2016

Interim Senior Minister Doug Wadkins arrived, beginning his 2 years with us.


 checkedcircleMarch / April 2017

The Board of Trustees accepted recommendations for members of the Ministerial Search Committee (now called the Ministerial Search Team).


checkedcircleJune 4, 2017

At our Annual Meeting, the congregation elected 4 Search Committee members and then the Board appointed an additional 3 members.


checkedcircleJuly / Aug, 2017

The Ministerial Search Team held a retreat with a regional UU advisor and began meeting regularly.



 Sept 6 - 29, 2017

Congregational Survey: 450 congregants took part in a survey that helps the Search Team paint an accurate picture of the current demographics and religious views of the UUAA congregation. It collected our thoughts on the qualities we most value in a senior minister candidate.


checkedcircleSept 11-30, 2017

Search Team Listening Sessions: Over 50 congregants and the YRUU group added their voices to small group discussions about the future needs of UUAA. Discussions were led by members of the Ministerial Search Team.


checkedcircleOct 8th & 15th, 2017

Video Booth -- Almost 100 congregants aged 6 months to 90 stopped by to say on camera one thing they love about UUAA! The video we put together for the ministerial search materials will be shared with the congregation in January. In the meantime, you can look at the word cloud that was made from the words people said 10/8 and 10/15 by clicking this link.


checkedcircle  November 12th, 2017, 1:00 pm

      Q&A Session with the Ministerial Search Team following 2nd service on the search process. Thank you to those who attended and shared their questions and thoughts about our search.

checkedcircle November 30, 2017

The Ministerial Search Team submitted our application for a Senior Minister along with the "Congregational Record", the initial information about the UUAA congregation, to the UUA Transitions Office. Ministers who are seeking positions are now able to review our information. They will then decide if they are interested in becoming candidates for our senior minister. We will receive the names of all who are interested on January 2nd.


checkedcircle  January 2, 2018

The Ministerial Search Team will receive a list of names of ministers interested in becoming our next Senior Minister.


checkedcircleJan 6th & 7th, 2018

Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop: All congregants are invited to take part in this UUA provided workshop that helps congregations discover their biases and helps them think more broadly about what sort of minister they would be happy to welcome to their pulpit. A workshop will be held Saturday morning, Jan 6th (lunch provided) and the Sunday Jan 7th service will further explore Beyond Categorical Thinking. The workshop and service will be led by UUA Transitions Director, Keith Kron. You can register for the workshop by following this link:

uncheckedcircleJanuary, 2018

The Ministerial Search Team will carefully review the records of ministers who have expressed interest in our Senior Minister position. The team will conduct phone interviews and then select 3 or 4 "pre-candidates"  to consider as a possible final candidate for Senior Minister. Additional in-depth information is exchanged and in-person interview dates are selected.


uncheckedcircleFeb - March, 2018

Pre-candidating week ends: Pre-candidates will come to Ann Arbor and the Ministerial Search Team will listen to a sermon by the pre-candidate delivered at a neutral pulpit outside of Ann Arbor. The team will interview each pre-candidate thoroughly, getting to know them as well as possible. We ask that you respect the confidentiality of these visits and not ask for any information about the candidates. Thank you for your help with this.


uncheckedcircleMarch 29, 2018 at noon

The Ministerial Search Team will present a provisional offer to a final candidate.


uncheckedcircleApril / May, 2018

CANDIDATING WEEK! All congregants will have opportunity to meet the final candidate for Senior Minister. The candidate will deliver sermons on two Sundays and will take part in UUAA activities during the week between. On the final Sunday of candidating week UUAA members will vote on whether to call the candidate as our next Senior Minister.


uncheckedcircleAugust / September, 2018

UUAA enthusiastically greets our thirteenth settled Senior Minister in our 153 year history.


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