Photos of Candidating Week April 29th - May 6th

(Photos taken by Dave Hall)

On May 6th at a Special Congregational Meeting, the membership of UUAA voted unanimously to call Reverend Manish Mishra-Marzetti as the thirteenth senior minister in our 153 year history.

Apr29 atpulpitLSApril 29th service Led by Rev Manish, Rev Lindasusan and Rev Cassi



Apr29 greetingRev Manish greeting congregants after the April 29th service


Apr30 QAA Q&A session for congregants to get to know Rev Manish, April 30th.


May5 QAA second Q&A session was held on May 5th.


congregation May6


May6 1PastPresChaliceLightPast UUAA presidents lit the chalice to begin the meeting to vote on the call.



May6 2ballotsPaper ballots were collected from all voting members present.


May6 3TheCountIsInPresident Erik Stalhandske and Search Team Chair Ken Clein announced the results-- 293 Yes votes and zero No votes.



May6 4ManishJeffJacenJacen, Jeff and Manish Mishra-Marzetti returned to UUAA after the vote, escorted by Search Team member Vilma Mesa.


May6 5AcceptingCallRev Manish accepting the call to serve as our next Senior Minister.