transition-sqsmDecember 2016

This Fall has been a busy time as Rev. Doug Wadkins has settled in a new community, oriented himself to the staff and Board, and spent extensive time listening and observing.

The Transition Team has supported Doug with several activities to help him get grounded and learn about our history, and what makes us unique.  In August we identified a group of people across the Congregation with diverse views and experiences, and during September Doug set up times for structured conversations.  We arranged for an October potluck with previous board presidents and their partners—thanks to Sandy and Dick Simon for hosting this event! 

In an effort to hear and share our stories, on Saturday November 19th, Doug facilitated a Story Sharing session, which was open to all congregants. About thirty people participated.  Questions addressed included: what connects us to this Congregation, what are some meaningful recent experiences, and what values do we see borne out through our activities.  Our hope is that different committees and groups will engage in their own dialogue on these questions during this coming year.

On Sunday, November 20th, there was a robust discussion on the subject of Sunday services, facilitated by the Board President with over fifty participants, and the ministerial team.  On December 11, there was a Q & A opportunity on Congregational finances and the budgeting process. 

Most recently Doug has developed his areas of focus for his time with us and has reviewed these with the Board, the staff, and the Transition team.  These areas include: 1) Support for the staff and the ministerial team to avoid burn out, 2) Attention to the finances and financial stability of our operations, 3) Clarification of policy governance and fine tuning to be most effective, 4) Connection with the larger community both locally and with UUs across the land and 5.) Attention to Pastoral Care and the needs of this congregation.

The Transition Team is in place to help Doug as a sounding board and a conduit for sharing information with the Congregation. We welcome your comments and feedback, either in person or by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Or you may speak directly with Rev. Doug or other members of the Ministerial team.