Some of the ideas the strategic planning task force has heard:


yellow spiral chalice Worship and Chalice Circles

Let's offer Chalice Circles to seniors residing in care facilities (Glacier Hills, Huron Woods, Gilbert House, and other facilities).

The UUAA Chalice Circle Program is a shining example -- Let's offer workshops on how to develop Chalice Circle programs to other congregations in the Heartland District.










Pastoral Care

Let's organize expanded pastoral care teams geographically to provide emotional and spiritual support during illness or major life transition; and provide rides and meals to those requesting support.

And let's provide a more comprehensive elder care program; more active assistance to young families and first time parents; offer educational programs for example on end of life issues, care giving and how to ask for and receive help when needed.

Let's set up a listening/comfort room so people can drop in and talk to a pastoral care volunteer in a welcoming atmosphere.

Let's install our pastoral care associates and Chalice Circle leaders in a ceremony that shows the congregation's commitment to these programs and the people who lead them.





Children, Youth and Adult SGD


Let's put up bright murals and posters throughout the SGD wing

Let's incorporate monthly age appropriate social justice projects throughout SGD classes.

Let's have a kids summer camp for UU kids.

Let's involve the kids in caring for our grounds and building.

Let's have the largest faith based high school group in the Ann Arbor area

Let's build our campus ministry so our high school graduates who stay in the area have a next step.

Let's get our older youth more involved in the leadership of the congregation and in teaching younger SGD classes.

Let's make Sunday night at First UU Ann Arbor the "hot" place to be for YRUU age kids.




Social Justice


“Let's Reach Out Together” – What if we – collectively with common purpose - found a way for every member of our congregation to get involved in the same social action project. Say for instance, we developed a program like “Discovery” in Atlanta, GA - volunteer-led Saturday morning tutoring and enrichment program with a local school that lacked sufficient community resources.

Let's hire a paid staff member to coordinate and focus our many thriving social justice projects. Someone who can help us continue to be leaders in community programs like Alpha House and Habitat for Humanity by coordinating timing, publicity, recruitment and reporting to the congregation.

Our thriving Interweave group can be a leader in the Social Justice issue of equal rights, serving as a shining star resource for other UU congregations in Michigan. Our group can help develop Interweave Groups at other Michigan congregations.

Lets continue  to collect and distribute over 19,000 books per year to “confined readers” at fourteen separate Correctional Facilities in Southern Michigan. And better still, let's take that program district-wide by networking with other UU Congregations throughout the Heartland District, assisting other congregations in developing a Prison Book Service Mission with the UUAA program as a model.

Let's purchase and serve only fair trade coffees and teas from the UUSC Coffee Project to show our belief in justice and equity in human relations and respect for the environment.

And let's support the Ethical Eating Team in providing and selling organic and fair trade food at congregational events whenever practical.

And speaking of the Ethical Eating team, let's expand their programs that

•    Conduct educational programs on nutrition and home or community gardens.

•    Participate in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

•    Support the CROP Walk and local food banks in their efforts to fight hunger within our community.

•    Promote and support Faith & Food gardens.

Let's put more support between the Michigan UU Social Justice Network’s  public witness work calling attention to the social justice implications of legislative and budget policy choices.






Let's host the all UU choir festival here.

Let's host monthly music events to raise money and bring in the community. Some music events could be outside on our property.

Let's buy an organ... or at least a new piano!

Let's integrate a Music web site into uuaa.org

rainbow Interweave


Let's expand our Interweave group's current programs to fully support adult sexual education through an ongoing Adult OWL program for the parents of youth going though their own OWL and adults from the congregation.

Let's shine a light on our Interweave Group so that it attracts attention in the Ann Arbor Community and beyond, brining new members to UUAA.



Affinity Groups / Men's & Womens Programs


Let's add more Men's programming big events -- invited speakers or a Dads and Daughters Workshop

Let's have the Men's Council organize a "barn raising" to build a picnic pavilion on our land.

Let's strengthen the infrastructure and get a stronger, better defined Women's Leadership group up and running to coordinate Women's programs.

Let's get more programs going for Seniors-- and make transportation to the events available for those who do not drive.

Let's build the leadership for our 20's and 30's Group and help them grow.

Faith Without Borders / Denominational Connections


Let's incorporate our international connections with Transylvania, Khasi Hills and others into our programs in Social Justice and Spiritual Growth and Development

Let's develop a regular schedule of visits from and to our international partner churches.

Let's have live streaming of GA events here at church so more members can experience the excitement of GA

Let's work on getting more youth to GA

Building and Grounds


“Let’s Build a Playground” – How about if we all pitch in and build a super creative playground in a manner that reflects our own creativity and values. [See kaboom.org for an example]

Let’s fix our parking lot and do it in a way that expresses our values environmentally, and provides safety, convenience, and accessibility.

Better still, let's fix our parking lot at the same time that we build our Energy Plaza with a sustainable design including pavers for better run off.

Let's put our congregation's Archives on display and make them accessible for the congregation to appreciate and enjoy our history.


All Community


Let's enhance our web site and web tools to improve our communications. Improvements would include opt-in mailing lists for "blast" information, areas that groups can update easily with events and group information, a private area to let us know who's in the hospital, blogging, volunteer sign ups...

Let's buy a passenger van that can transport congregants who need rides, take some of our groups to outside events and fly the UUAA flag around town.

Let's provide short term leadership classes and find new ways to cultivate new leaders in the congregation.