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UUAA One Generation from Now...

UUAA has begun a congregation-wide discussion and discernment of our purpose and vision.  As we look forward a full generation, what will our beloved community be?  How will we experience UUAA? What would we see, hear, smell, touch, taste 20 years from now? And what is the difference that we want to make in this world?

The Board of Trustees realizes that for this to be successful we must reach out to a broad representation of our community.  Stay tuned for information about opportunities to be involved in this important work. The commitment from the Board of Trustees for this process: transparency, high level of engagement from the congregation, and ownership of the results.

If you have a question or suggestion about UUAA visioning, you can contact the Board of Trustees using this form.

Thanks in advance for your participation!
Erik Stalhandske, for the Board of Trustees


 Consultant Elandria Williams




In March, project design will begin with help from consultant Elandria Williams. Elandria is currently co-moderator for the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). She will visit our congregation in March to get to know more about us and facilitate the purpose/ visioning work design. A skilled facilitator and leader, Elandria works internationally and locally with communities in developing and living fully into vision and purpose. 







Process and Timeline

[Stay tuned for a full time line of the visioning project. The design process in March will help determine the timeline.]


-- January 13, 2019 Warmup Visioning Exercise

We began our purpose/ visioning at the winter Congregational Meeting Sunday, January 13th. 130 congregants contributed words and imagery about their thoughts on how they would like UUAA to look one generation from now. Note that this was a "conversation starter" and was not intended to show a representative sample of the congregation.





Click this link to view a slide show of some of the responses from the January 13th, 2019 exercise.