Our Vision 20/50 Project started in January of 2019. This page reviews some of the completed activities. For the current status of the project, follow this link.

 Vision2050 100

-- March 8th and 9th - Design Charette

The Board of Trustees recruited about 40 people from many committees and groups within UUAA to gather on March 8-9 for a Visioning "Design Charette". (a collaborative working group). 


Throughout the 2-day gathering, our consultant Elandria Williams guided the group through exercises that included individual reflection, small group work, large group conversations, and group sharing-- all with the aim of analyzing UUAA in the current moment and thinking about how we might envision our future selves.

On Friday, the group was asked to write down what they would need for the visioning process to feel inclusive and answered these questions:

-- what one change in practice would you like to see?
-- what one policy change would you like to see?
-- what one by-law change would you like to see?
-- what one decision-making change would you like to see?

On Saturday, small groups took our congregation’s Core Values and thought about more specific expressions of the values that we felt were most important to lift up now.

 Then the group worked on a congregational assessment by breaking up into sub-groups and answering these questions:

-- What are the emerging issues facing the congregation?
-- What are the emerging issues facing Ann Arbor and the greater Ann Arbor community?
-- Who participates in the life of the congregation?
-- What are the challenges facing the congregation?
-- What are the opportunities presented to the congregation?
-- What are UUAA’s strengths?

 Finally, there was a series of discussions that generated detailed ideas on how to engage the congregation in the visioning process. Participants discussed what they would need to be engaged themselves.

You can read the full set of notes using this link.

 -- January 13, 2019 Warmup Visioning Exercise

We began our purpose/ visioning at the winter Congregational Meeting Sunday, January 13th. 130 congregants contributed words and imagery about their thoughts on how they would like UUAA to look one generation from now. Note that this was a "conversation starter" and was not intended to show a representative sample of the congregation.


Click this link to view a slide show of some of the responses from the January 13th, 2019 exercise.



Meeting Notes

Leadership Meeting April 6, 2019



If you have a question or suggestions you can contact the Vision Project Chairs using this form.

Thanks !
Rick Witten and Laura Bollettino, co-chairs of Vision 20/50