How are all of those sticky notes analyzed to create a vision for UUAA?

All sticky notes are or will be entered into a database.

Want to see what all of that data looks like? You can view a spreadsheet or PDF file of the sticky notes that were in the database as of 12/4/19:

Click this link to see the spreadsheet.

Click this link for the PDF-- and please note that you may want to magnify the PDF (150-200% might be good) to read the entries.

The raw data is reviewed thru several different lenses. An example data analysis is described below.

Using a VERY PRELIMINARY data set from just a few of the Vision Sessions, the Vision 20/50 leadership team performed a practice analysis under the guidance of our consultant, Elandria Williams.


For our practice analysis, we split up our team and so that each of us answered a new question based on the submitted data-- noting the number of times something was mentioned, and also noting some of the unique or strongly felt contributions.


- One group looked at all of the sticky notes that had information about what we appreciate about UUAA and determined our foundation –  Our basic values, and the characteristics of UUAA that make us uniquely who we are today. This is a foundational step toward our vision.




-- One group looked for statements that noted strengths we could use to make changes at UUAA.




 -- One group found the ways people said we could expand or modify our current ministries to have greater impact. They found things we are doing now, both within our UUAA community and in the wider Ann Arbor community that could go bigger, deeper. They also looked for data that spoke to how we could accomplish these changes; What do we have going for us that could help us up our game?  KeyAreasGrayDividers



And from all of the sticky notes that spoke to what we are proud of now and what we would like to become, we distilled statements of "Who and What We Want UUAA to Be"...





This was just a test analysis! We have not gathered all wonderful ideas yet. Maybe we haven't heard from you? Once we have more feedback from more of the congregation, we will do another round of this analysis and try to distill "Who and What We Want the UUAA Congregation to Be" into a vision statement. For this round of analysis, the Vision framework would be put together to look like this:






What's Next?

We have now gathered and analyzed all of the wisdom of the congregation and distilled our aspirations into a "Theory of Change", We will discuss this at our January 26th all-ages-all congregation meeting and then begin action planning to set strategic goals-- taking into account the challenges that the congregation has named and taking into account a realistic assessment of the capacities and resources at UUAA.

PARTICIPATE in the January 26th Congregational Meeting to engage with others in agreement on the vision and next steps toward action planning. View the January 26th Theory of Change.




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