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Annual Meeting June 4, 2017, 11:30 am


  Proposed Rules of Procedure

  Minutes of the June 5, 2016 Annual Congregational Meeting

  Items requiring a vote by UUAA Members (please study ahead of the meeting):

       Nominees for UUAA Officers, at large Board of Trustees and Leadership Development Team

       Nominees for Senior Minister Search Committee (vote for 4)

       Amendment to Bylaws establishing a Standing Committee on Governance - proposed wording and rationale

 Sanctuary Information: There will not be a vote about becoming a sanctuary church at this time, but information will be presented. You can read:

      An FAQ sheet about becoming a sanctuary congregation

      A draft resolution for UUAA to become a sanctuary congregation






The 2016-17 Annual Report of
The First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor

The annual report is electronic. Each of the links below display a PDF formatted section of the annual report. If a link is not active the report has not yet been submitted.


UUAA Staff and Leadership

Listing of Board of Trustees, Ministers, Program Staff, Building & Office Staff

       Senior Minister Report

       Board of Trustees Report

       Leadership Development Team

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Growth and Development

       Adult SGD Education Advisory Team

Children's Welcoming Council

Youth Ministries Team

Children's Ministry Team

       Chalice Singers Choir / Chalice Bells

Chalice Sparks

Young Religious UU's

       Chalice Circles

       Well-Being Education

Social Justice and Environmental Action

Social Justice Council

Alpha House / IHN

Challenging Racism

Climate Action Group

       Coffee Project

Habitat for Humanity

       Immigration Action

Justice in the Middle East Team

Mindful Eating Coalition

Prison Books

       Restorative Justice

       Sharing the Collection


        Arts and Aesthetics

        Bridge Group

        Community of Writers

Humanist Group

       Memorial Reception

       Mens Fellowship

       Northside UUs

      Reflective Conversations

       Wednesday Morning Readers

       Welcome Ministries



       Annual Pledge Drive

       Planned Giving

       Quuest Book Store

       Scrip Sales

       Treasurer Assistants



        Jackson Social Welfare Fund

        Khasi Hills   

       Partner Church Program

       Reflective Conversations


Communications & Office

       Internet Technology Group

      Office Volunteers

      Treasurer Assistants