The Board of Trustees sets the vision for the future of the UUAA Congregation. They monitor the assets and overall health of UUAA and do the strategic planning that guides all ministries and programs.

UUAA Board members voluntarily serve as elected stewards for the Congregation. They resolve issues in covenant with each other and the Congregation they serve. They follow the policies written in the UUAA Governing Policies documents.


Board members should be:

  • Enthusiastic to plan the future of UUAA.
  • Committed to governance that complies with all laws on all governmental levels.
  • Able to faithfully attend board meetings, congregational meetings, and special meetings and events (e.g., new member orientation, workshops, and fundraisers).
  • Interested in engaging with, especially listening to, members of the Congregation.
  • Prepared for meetings-- informed and ready to discuss concerns, address questions and work together to resolve disagreements.
  • Eager to learn, willing to be team players, and energetic in their service.


Responsibilities as Specified in the Bylaws, (Article VI. Officers and Governing Body)

A Board of nine (9) Trustees, elected by the voting membership, is charged with establishing, maintaining and communicating policies and strategic priorities that are forward-looking, congregation-wide, and reflective of the values and mission of the Congregation.

The Board of Trustees shall oversee the business of the Congregation.

2.1. Management Oversight

The Board of Trustees shall oversee the assets and business of the Congregation, including the approval of an annual budget, the conduct of all business affairs, the control of its administration, and the appointment of such committees as it may deem necessary.

2.1.1. Delegation of Management

The Board of Trustees shall delegate management of the Congregation's assets, business affairs and administration to the Senior Minister.

2.1.2. Defining the Responsibilities of the Senior Minister

The Board of Trustees shall see to it that the duties and responsibilities of the Senior Minister are established and defined in this document (Bylaws), and other official documents as outlined in the Board of Trustees Governing Policies document.

2.1.3. Limit on Capital Expenditures

The Board of Trustees may authorize capital expenditures not to exceed a maximum aggregate of 5% of the total annual operating budget during any one fiscal year. Any capital expenditure which causes the aggregate of all capital expenditures in that year to exceed 5% of the total annual operating budget shall require Congregational authorization by a majority vote at a duly called congregational meeting.

2.2. Policy and Program Oversight

The Board of Trustees shall review bylaws, governing policies, programs, congregational ministry, and goals of the Congregation at least annually. Changes shall be communicated to the Congregation.

2.3. Board Meetings

The Board of Trustees shall hold regular monthly meetings at such times as it may appoint. A quorum shall consist of five Trustees.

2.4. Appointment of Regional and National Representatives

The Board or individual/group designated by the Board shall appoint UUA General Assembly delegates and MidAmerica Region representatives.