Reflective Conversations to Enhance Our Programs

reflectiveconversationslogoThe health of our Congregation, as with any organization, depends greatly on how effectively we communicate with each other – on how well we listen to each other. As our Congregation gets larger and larger, we know that we need to provide for effective reflection and feedback for the Board and for the staff and program ministry leaders.

Several years ago, the Board appointed a team to develop this program of Reflective Conversations (based on the book Completing the Circle, by David R. McMahill) so that we can hear from all congregants in an organized way. Congregants are invited to take part in a conversation and the team leaders write down, analyze and synthesize comments gathered during each conversation. The data are shared with the Board of Trustees, and the appropriate staff or program leaders to guide future improvements. At least once each year,  the team gives the Congregation, a report about the Reflective Conversations that have been held during the year and what has been learned. 


Who is planning the Reflective Conversations?


The Reflective Conversations Team members

Team members are Fran Dew, Dixie Hibner, Becky Hoort, Carolyn Madden, Jim Lee, Erik Stalhandske, Cathy Olson, and Ginny Preuss.  Tricia Mooney is the liaison to the Board. 

You can read the most recent report and brief fact sheet about Reflective Conversations.

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