Reflective Conversations on Our Ministries: FAQ


  1.  What is the Reflective Conversations program about?

    The Board of Trustees appointed a team to develop a program to gather reflective feedback from our Congregation. This program of Reflective Conversations (based on the book, Completing the Circle, by David R. McMahill) is the result of that effort.  It is designed so that we can hear from you in an organized way.  We write down, analyse and synthesize your comments as gathered in each conversation.  Those data are shared with the Board, the appropriate staff and program leaders so your experiences can guide future improvements.  At least once each year the Congregation receives a report at a Congregational meeting updating them about the Reflective Conversations that have been held and what we heard from you.

  2. Why are we doing this now? Is there some problem I don't know about?

    No, this program was not undertaken to address any specific problem in our ministries. Finding a good method for getting feedbakc on our ministries had been on the Board's radar for a long time. It is intended to help us do an even better job of what we are already doing well.

  3. How does it work?

    Approximately 10 – 12 people gather to reflect on and share their personal experiences based on their participation in our various ministries. When the group meets, members are given a set of questions and allowed time to reflect on their personal experiences relative to those questions. Each person is given time to speak about those experiences. Trained facilitators lead the groups and record notes. Those notes are summarized and shared with the program leader (who will be in attendance) and with the Board of Trustees. Final results are shared with the Congregation at a Congregational meeting, and are used to influence future planning.

  4. For which groups are Reflective Conversations be held?

    In past years we have reflected on Sunday Worship, Interweave, Stewardship, Chalice Singers and Chalice Circles.  We are currently performing reflective conversations on programs within Spiritual Growth and Development.

  5. How are group members selected?

    The participants for each group are selected at random from the list of members when the whole Congregation participates in the activities (such as Sunday Worship or Stewardship) or from active participant lists for each program ministry.

  6. Why was this particular method chosen to obtain feedback about our ministries and programs?

    It has been shown that formal assessment tools used in business, education, not-for-profit companies, etc., do not function very well for assessment of church ministries. The method we are using was designed specifically for obtaining first-hand feedback related to personal experience of religious ministries and programs