The Finance Team is responsible for planning the long-term health of the Congregation and ensuring the integrity of the financial system. The Finance Team is not yet a permanently established committee. It was formed as an advisory team on an 18 month trial basis. The Board will evaluate the effectiveness of the team after it's final report in August, 2017 and decide whether to continue the team and if so in what reporting structure.

The proposed roles and responsibilities of the Finance and Planning Team are
•    Identify long-term capital requirements and investment
•    Identify long-term operating requirements
•    Manage use of congregational endowments
•    Prepare high-level budget assumptions and budgets
•    Work closely with the Revenue Team to set funding goals
•    Review and approve long-term financial expenditures and contracts before Board approval
•    Be the internal auditor of the system and contract for external assistance if required
•    Provide financial Monitoring Reports

The Team provides oversight to and ensures staffing of
•    Endowment Management

Membership of the Team includes:
•    UUAA Treasurer
•    Senior Minister or Assistant Minister
•    The Endowment Management Chair
•    On an as-needed basis, congregation members with expertise in facility management, finance and/or planning, and financial control.