A Lay Ministry of Caring

What is the Pastoral Care Assistance Program at UUAA?

Care Assistants are members of the congregation and trained lay volunteers who offer one-on-one caring and support to fellow congregants in times of need, for example:

  • Major life changes, such as loss of a loved one, loss of employment, divorce or retirement
  • Isolation due to age, mobility issues or other reasons
  • Health problems, illness or hospitalization
  • Other life transitions

The Care Assistance Program is not intended to replace the role of the ministerial staff. The goal is to support the pastoral work of the ministers, to be present with members during times of need, and to help strengthen UUAA's community of faith.

What are the supportive activities of the Pastoral Care Assistance Program?

Care Assistants are trained lay volunteers who are committed to understanding, spiritual awareness, compassion, open-mindedness and integrity.

Care Assistants are available to talk to congregants by phone or email, or to meet with congregation members in their homes or at the hospital. Care Assistants may offer any of the following supports, depending on the congregant's wishes:

  • Offering favorite readings
  • Offering an opportunity to talk
  • Offering empathy and emotional support
  • Offering community resources when needed
  • Offering presence and connection

How do congregants arrange for Pastoral Care Assistance?

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. A minister will respond as quickly as possible. Please express the urgency of the need and how we can best reach you.

How might I become a Pastoral Care Assistant?

Please contact the pastoral care minister. You will be asked to submit an application. Assistants must be UUAA members for at least one year before applying.  Click here to download the application.