Humanism at UUAA

The Humanist Study Group at UUAA first met on July 9, 2006.

At the end of March, 2006, UUAA member Terence Madden had just completed the 5th of nine study program sessions over the course of three years at The Humanist Institute.

Prominent UUAA activist Ellen Teller approached him to see if he was interested in participating in a discussion group to further the educational role and promotion of humanism at the UUAA. With the support of UUAA Senior Minister, Kenneth Phifer, Ellen Teller offered to organize and facilitate the regularly scheduled meetings, with the assistance of her partner, Louie Leedle.

On Sunday, July 9, 2006, Louie Leedle and Terry Madden shared the pulpit at a lay–led summer service at the UUAA. Terry Madden preached a sermon entitled, Why Am I a Humanist? Unfortunately there is no record of Louie Leedle's presentation. The Humanist-focused Sunday Service was well received. Ellen Teller then successfully recruited UUAA congregants who wanted to learn more about humanism. The group met twice monthly under Ellen Teller’s leadership and today continues with Bruce Gibb as the primary facilitator.