This year, the UUSC will focus on domestic advocacy, placing a priority on efforts to combat xenophobia and hate that has run rampant in US society.  There are major initiatives aiming to undermine the Administration's discriminatory actions, especially those targeting marginalized communities. UUSC members have joined with the UUA to sign the Declaration of Conscience. 

UUSC alone has logged 11,000 signatures.  The Sanctuary Movement, in our congregation in the form of the resolution circulating to make us a sanctuary congregation, will be voted on Sunday, June 4 at the Annual Meeting.  There is a lot of good material on the UUSC website along with a Sanctuary Toolkit for your study. 

The College of Social Justice will be meeting in New Orleans the weekend before GA to continue their focus on the white supremacy issue as a reality in need of unlearning, relinquishing, and undoing through honest self and societal evaluation.

Please visit the UUSC website for review articles on Attorney General Sessions crackdown on border crossings, and particularly his use of terms designed to heighten perceptions of immigrants as dangerous criminals as well as his efforts to prosecute those who harbor or transport immigrants.  As we know, many groups and organizations are working to revise and expand the concept of sanctuary.  At the heart of this movement is the need to end labeling of immigration as criminal. 

For further information about the work of the service committee, go to the UUSC website, the "our work" section and click on the NGO aid map.  There is a project right here in Michigan, the Michigan Welfare Rights water campaign. 


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