The Room Team is working to upgrade how we reserve space in the UUAA building. We hope that streamlining our process will result in consistent and easier to use reservations for each registered congregational group.


The room reservation calendar will be divided into two sessions that reflect the ebb and flow of building use throughout the year. In this system, event dates included in a room request will fall within a single session.

The Congregational Program Year session will mirror the SGD program year. The Summer Program session will then fill the gap from the end of one SGD class year to the beginning of the next SGD program year.

We are currently in the 2016-2017 Congregational Program Year session, which will end on Sunday, June 4. All room reservations for events after Sunday, June 4 have been deleted from the UUAA calendar. This "house cleaning" allows cleanup of dormant or obsolete reservations. If scheduled events were deleted, please resubmit your room requests and group contact information for each session here.

2017 Summer Program is the next session and will run from Monday, June 5 to Sunday, September 10. Room reservation requests for the 2017 Summer Program session are currently being accepted. 

The 2017-2018 Congregational Program Year session will begin on Monday, September 11. The new room reservation system will start accepting reservations and updated contact information for the 2017-2018 Congregational Program Year session on Monday, August 14. 

Time Frames for 2017-2018 Sessions



Program Year Session


 Ends Sunday



2017 Summer Program Session


 Window Opens Monday






2017-2018 Congregational Program Year Session


 Reservation Window Opens 



Session Begins Monday 9/11/2017

Session Ends Sunday 5/27/2017 (estimate)


The Room Team plans to adjust the online room reservation form. These changes will improve requesting accommodations for accessibility, room setup, and special arrangements for large groups. We appreciate your patience as we transition to a new session-based system.