Alpha House has several days in August when no one is signed up to bring dinner or to play with the children. The following link will take you to a Google document that lists August needs.


If you are interested in helping, please contact Alpha House at 734-822-0220 and ask for Kathy.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered during our June/July Host Week. The names of the volunteers are listed below. Please accept my apologies for any typos or missing names.

Day Hosts: Brandy Sinco, Sandy Eyl (3), Barb Gales (2), Diane Fead

Weekend Breakfast Volunteers: Cheryl Barget, Bett Weston, Lora Girata

Dinner Cooks: Gwen Guthrie (4), Marcia Cameron (2), Melissa Armstrong, Connie McGuire, Karl Sikkenga (2), Dee Dishon (2), Jo Anne Diehl, Mark Dickinson, Lorelle Thomas, Betsy Price (2), Cathie Breidenbach, Sara Mathews (3), Melanie Dever (2), Mike Grant, Sandy Eyl, Constance Bridge, Bridget Laundra (2), Stephen Phillips, Kathy Perez, Betsy Reitbauer (2), Elinore Sommerfeld, Pat Herbst, Sally Preston, Diane and Tom Bauld

Dinner Servers: Gwen Guthrie(2), Dana Jackman, Barron Evans, Cathy and Mike Muha, Terri Wilkerson, Kathy McLean, Judi Lintott, Robert Kropf, Kathy Sargeant, Jon Boyd, Jeannine LaPrad

Play Volunteers: Amelia Armstrong-Grant and Melissa Armstrong, Suzanne and John Davidson, Sandy Eyl, Amy Grant, Beth and Bob Hospadaruk, Joe, Jamie, Ava and Eli Griffith, Gloria Jones, Angela Menegay, Betsy Price, Cheryl and Vey Valentine, Terri Palacios, Lisa Kohn, Christine and  Alaina Pellar-Kosbar, Constance Bridge, Jim Lee, Ann Brennan, Joe and Katie Krushelnick , Jon Boyd

Overnight Volunteers: Victoria Moessner, Beth Hospadaruk, Carrie Hatcher-Kay, Fran Lyman, Jim Lee, Lorna Gibson, Steve Nason

Our next Host Week at Alpha House will be Monday through Sunday, November 20 to 26, which is the week of Thanksgiving. You will be able to sign up for that week starting in October. Thank you again for your support of Alpha House.