H4H-LOGOOur 2016 "Good News" Habitat for Humanity Homes are finished!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who provided helping hands to paint, nail, spray poison ivy or make delicious lunches! It was a great season of working side by side with 3 partner families (one for a 2015 home) and the other 16 area churches in the Good News Group.

 Melodie Tolbert's home on Blossom Avenue was dedicated September 11th. Melodie and her church choir sang at the dedication! Click here to read a thank you card from Melodie to the UUAA volunteers and donors.

Melodie Cutting the Ribbon on her HomeMelodie and her family cutting the ribbon.

The Platte family's dedication date is still to be announced.

Volunteers are welcome to attend the dedications and experience the joy of new home ownership for our partner families and their friends and relatives. 

The Treadwell's home on Ivanhoe (2015 house) was dedicated July 28, 2016:

 A Beautiful New Home for the Treadwell Family!

Treadwell Family Ribbon CuttingOn July 28th the Treadwell Family cut the ribbon on their Ivanhoe Avenue home - a 2015 Good News Home. Thanks to all of the UUs who pitched in to help them achieve this dream.



















Work Days are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Lunch makers should deliver lunches at 11:30 am. Safety rules require you to be 16 years old or older to volunteer to work on the site.

 2016 Work Days for UUAA -----------

Sat, June 4th - 8 workers needed (working with Marble Memorial UMC)
Sat, June 11th - 8 workers needed (working with First UMC AA)
Fri, July 8th - 4 workers needed (working with Calvary UMC)
Sat, July 23rd - 4 workers needed (working with First Baptist AA & Manchester UMC)
Fri, Aug 12th - 4 workers needed (working with Cherry Hill UMC)
Sat, Aug 20th - 4 workers (all congregations)
Sat, Aug 27th - 8 workers (working with 1st Congregational Church AA)



View the slide show below for photos of our July 23rd work day working along with future homeowner of 1476 Blossom, Kevin Platte and with Manchester UMC and First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor.




And on July 8th we had a great crew of UUs along with Calvary United Methodist Church and the future homeowner of 1410 Blossom, Melodie Tolbert (and her Dad!). Lots of good work done and fun had by all.




On June 11th we worked with First United Methodist Ann Arbor to paint the garage and dig a trench for wiring at 1410 Blossom and to do some demolition at the 1476 Blossom site. Partner family members Kevin Platte and Melvin & Najma Treadwell worked on their "sweat equity" hours.



 We got a LOT done on our first work day, June 4th. One crew installed a ceiling in Melodie's house and the other crew scraped down the garage and started on the multiple coats of paint that will be needed.




 1410 Blossom1410 Blossom Before the Rehab  1476 Blossom1476 Blossom Before the Rehab

                                                   Click to view these locations on a map.


Thank you to all generous UU's who have given financial and hands-on work site contributions to this amazingly effective and rewarding community outreach since our involvement began in 2000. Our interfaith group of 17 congregations, the "Good News" group has been working together since 1997 and has helped 27 families (with 61 total children) move into affordable, energy efficient housing. We help families, neighborhoods and the environment-- and we laugh and have fun doing it.

 Over the years we have helped 27 families with a combined 61 children own homes in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.

Since 2009 we have renovated foreclosed homes rather than building new homes, saving resources and helping to stabilize neighborhoods and rebuild communities. 

Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley has been focusing on neighborhood revitalization efforts. Learn more on the HHHV web site.



Below, Carmen and Elbert Sauls, a 2014 partner family pose in front of their home. UU volunteer Dave Hall installed the numbers on their house in July, 2014.

SaulsForWeb  DaveHangs1011










GOOD NEWS HOMES - By the Numbers

1997- Year of GNH group's founding (originally United Methodist Churches - UUAA joined in 2000)

2- Good News homes renovated in 2015

2-  Of 2 homes received 5 Star/5 Star+ Energy Star Rating in 2015

21- Total Good News homes with 5/5+ Star Energy Star Rating (all homes since 2005)

2- Good News Homes to be renovated in 2016

27- Total Good News Homes built/renovated thru 2015

61- Children who have lived in Good News homes

100%-  Habitat families have an income

0%-    Interest rate on Habitat mortgages

200- Hours of “sweat equity” each homeowner invests

>2000- Recorded GNH site work volunteer hours each summer



 Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit housing organization whose mission is to provide decent, affordable housing for people in need. Homeowner families are carefully selected based on income and other guidelines. The families are required to contribute hundreds of hours of “sweat equity” in their homes and other Habitat projects. You can read more about the Good News House on their web site.

Links to more information:

Good News House web site (carries the most current information when a build is in progress)

Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley.

Habitat for Humanity International.

[download work crew lunch suggestions]

Please stop by the Habitat for Humanity table during Social Hour May thru August to learn more! The table has a lot of good information and you can make a donation to the building costs or sign up to work on a house.

Thank you for all of your help!