The Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, (ICPJ) is a community based interfaith organization whose mission is to empower people of faith and of conscience to act on their religious or moral values to build a better world. Our congregation works with ICPJ on local issues related to peace, nonviolent training, racial justice, and others. Meeting times of five task forces are listed on their website; to confirm, call 734-663-1870.

  • Disarmament focuses on nuclear disarmament and international arms control. This group usually mets on 1st and 3rd Fridays at 11:45AM at Memorial Christian Church. Contact: 734-663-1870.
  • Globalization supports people-centered alternative to corporate globalization. Contact: 734-663-1870.
  • Hunger organizes the CROP Hunger Walk and other education and advocacy events to address hunger locally and around the world. Contact: 734-663-1870.
  • Latin America educates on justice issues affecting Latin America (sweatshops, drug wars, etc.) and opposes U.S. militarism in Latin America, especially works to close the U.S. School of America/WHINSEC a military training facility; meets 2nd Tuesday at 7:30pm at First Baptist Church. UUAA Contact: Arlene Huff, 769-2172.
  • Racial & Economic Justice explores ways to confront racism and promote justice for the poor in our community. Contact: 734-663-1870.

ICPJ also has volunteer service opportunities for phoning, database entry, mailings, etc.; for information call the ICPJ