Junes worship theme explores the meaning of blessing.
All are welcome.






June 3, 2018 | Crossing the Bridge

Worship Time | 10:00am

Today we honor our graduating seniors and add our blessings and hopes for this new chapter of their lives. Indeed, throughout our lives, we are "bridging." We are leaving one chapter behind and journeying into the next. Come celebrate, honor, and explore the sacred gift of this journey.

June 10, 2018 | Coming of Age Credo Service

Worship Time | 10:00am

In this annual Credo Service, we celebrate the 9th grade students who have been part of the Coming of Age program. Their voices are inspiring and articulate,  honest and authentic, and bring hope for the future. It is an honor for the congregation to bear witness to the aspirations of these young people, and your support for them is warmly welcomed. After the service, we'll offer our thanks to Rev. Doug with a celebration in the Social Hall as his ministry with UUAA draws to a close. Please join us!


June 17, 2018 | Animal Blessing

Note: There are two services this Sunday.
Outdoor Service | 10:00am
Indoor Service | 10:45am

Our companion animals are great blessings in our lives, and this service seeks to return that blessing while honoring our connections to all manner of living creatures.We invite you to bring your companion animal to this multigenerational and multispecies service. If it would not be a blessing for either your animal companion or the rest of the congregation for them to attend, you may bring a photo instead. Please note that we have two short services this morning. The first is a service outdoors (weather permitting). Please note that it is likely that this service setting will also present potential mobility and hearing issues. The second service will take place indoors.

All creatures of the earth and sky are welcome to join us for this unique and meaningful service!

June 24 | Summer Solstice Sing-Along

Worship Time | 10:00am
Celebrate the transition into summer as we join our voices in a joyful hymn-sing with guest musicians Laz Slomovits, Eric Fithian, Lori Fithian, and Jean Chorazyczewski.


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