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Join us on the quest for spiritual growth and fellowship.

Chalice Circle Vision Statement 
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Chalice Circle Choices

Are you looking for a way to connect with fellow UUAA members and friends? Seeking opportunities to share your truths in a safe/brave space? Find new connections and opportunities to discover ways that UUAA can be meaningful in your life. Find a Chalice Circle program that suits your needs.

Traditional Chalice Circle: Registration thru the end of September. Chalice Circles meet mid- October thru mid-May. Register on-line or in the social hall

Newcomer Circles: A one session circle tailored to those new to UUAA. See Hannah Hotchkiss (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for signup and childcare.

One-time Chalice Circles: Opportunity to experience a Chalice Circle, without a recurring commitment. Watch the bulletin throughout the year for available sessions.

20’s-30’s Chalice Circle:  A monthly Open Circle - September thru May; no need to commit to the entire series.  Drop in as it fits your schedule; new people may join anytime.  Childcare may be available.  Please request it in advance.



Benefits of Joining a Chalice Circle

1. Find and build a safe and trusting community.
2. Experience mutual commitment to shared goals.
3. Encounter something sacred in yourself and others.
4. Enliven us spiritually, socially and intellectually.
5. Enhance deep listening skills.
6. Know yourself better by seeing your life in the context of others' experiences.
7. Deepen your understanding of Unitarian Universalist principles and values.
8. Draw us into shared ministry.
9. Give back to the UUAA community by completing a service project.(traditional circles only)


Steering Committee

The Chalice Circle program is guided by a Steering Committee, which coordinates the program, develops the sessions and provides facilitator training. Current members include Karen Hale (Co-Chair), Ginny Preuss (Co-Chair), Nicki Scholtz, Rich Donner, Shelley Stoll, Anne Ramsey, and Cathy Olson.


To learn more about the Chalice Circle program or how to join a Chalice Circle, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.