TapestryChaliceOur congregation strives to reflect our values and spirit through the artwork and furnishings in our church building.

Over the years we have enjoyed many hand crafted works created by members and even by some of our handy ministers. Our 19th century church was adorned with hand sewn banners of symbols of world religions. Rev Ed Redmond (minister 1942-1960) was a woodworker who made an elaborate candelabra for our "new" sanctuary in 1956 and the next minister, Rev Erwin Gaede, made a pulpit for that sanctuary. (See photos of our historic buildings.)

Our current sanctuary is graced with a fabric chalice hanging made by members Betsy Price and Barb Hall. It echoes the design of our congregation's metal chalice crafted by former member Kyle Connolly. The wood pulpit in the sanctuary was made by members Doug Harris and Dave Hall.

You may want to view a list of UUAA artwork and artifacts with information about each item.


Volunteer: You can help out or join the Art & Aesthetics Committee
If you are an associate, friend, or member of the UUAA congregation you may volunteer to join the Art and Aesthetics Committee, or to help out at one of its events. Just sign up at the volunteer table in the Social Hall after services any Sunday.