During our 150th Anniversary year 2014-15 many different voices from the congregation presented "Mini-Histories" during Sunday services. A Mini-History is a glimpse into one piece of our congregation's history, maybe the history of an activity group or a congregational action or maybe just a description of what it was like back in the day. The scripts for the Mini-Histories are listed below in reverse order of the date presented.

  Hal Breidenbachas Jabez Sunderland Laura Bolletino giving a glimpse of 1925 Eric Erickson Speaking on the Gaede yearsErica Rodriguez tells us what growing up in sanctuary was like. Kathy and Lucia give our history of fighting for human rights. Guala, Colleen and Cathy speaking on Mindful Eating  Sarah Albright Reminisces about the Ragtime Bash Elizabeth LaPorte gives a history of leadership and governance. Jane Ferguson Speaks About the 1963 Fair Housing Initiative  Cindy Krueger Speaking on Music Programs Rev Fran Dew - Chalice Circles  DaveFriedrichsRenewEnergy

Renewable Energy Projects              presented 5/10/2015 by Dave Friedrichs

Habitat for Humanity Outreach          presented 5/3/2015 by Barb Pickett

The Jackson Social Welfare Fund       presented 4/26/2015 by Kyla Boyse and Phil Tuchinsky

Celebrating the Planet                      presented 4/19/2015 by Colleen Crawley & Terry Madden

Who We Are Today                           presented 4/12/2015 by Sandy Simon, Terry Madden & Readers

Chalice Circles                                 presented 3/29/2015 by Rev. Fran Dew

The YRUU Gnome                             presented 3/22/2015 by Chantelle Shields

Music Programs 1865-Present            presented 3/15/2015 by Cindy Krueger

1963 Fair Housing Ordinance              presented 3/8/2015 by Jane Ferguson

Our Historic Church Buildings             presented 3/1/2015 by Kathy Edgren and Lucy Bauman

Leadership and Change                     presented 2/22/2015 by Elizabeth LaPorte

Acquiring the Land, 4001 Ann Arbor-Saline   presented 2/15/2015 by Barbara and Dave Hall

Our Partner Church in Romania          presented 2/8 2015 by Gretchen Jackson and Phyllis Valentine

The Ragtime Bash                             presented 2/1/2015 by Sarah Albright, former Music Director

Challenging Racism                           presented 1/25/2015 by Kathy Friedrichs and Lucia Heinold

1980's El Salvador Sanctuary Family    presented 1/18/2015 by Carolyn Madden

The Sanctuary Education Fund             presented 1/18/2015 by Kathy Friedrichs

Sanctuary - Memories from Erica         presented 1/18/2015 by Erica Rodriguez Hatt

Mindful Eating Coalition Mini History      presented 1/11/2015 by Guala Lauzzana, Colleen Crawley & Cathy Muha

The Gaede Years                               presented 1/4/2015 by Erik Ericksen

Birth of the 20's and 30's Group          presented 12/28/2014 by Terri Wilkerson & Judi Lintott

The Year 1925                                   presented 12/21/2014 by Laura Bollettino

1999 "Chalice Relay"                          presented 12/14/2014 by Sandy Simon

Shared History with MUUSJN                presented 12/7/2014 by Randy Block

Name Change Church to Congregation  presented 11/30/2014 by Marion Holt

UU and UUAA Men                               presented 11/23/2014 by Bob Hospadaruk

Religious Education at UUAA                 presented 11/16/2014 by Gretchen Jackson

IHN, Alpha House Involvement             presented 11/9/2014 by Pat Herbst

Jabez Sunderland Script                       re-enactment 10/26/2014 by Hal Breidenbach

Sermon on 2001 Khasi Hills Trip            sermon by Rev Eva (Hochgraf) Cameron, 2001

Khasi Hills Sponsor A Student History    presented 10/26/14 by Cathy Doherty and Allen Duncan

Charles Henry Brigham                       presented 10/19/14 by Tim Richards

The "Olney Letter"                              a transcribed letter from the Bentley Library, referenced 10/19/14

Eliza Read Sunderland                        presented 10/19/14 by Rev. Gail Geisenhainer

Florence Kollock Crooker                    presented 10/19/14 by Sandy Simon

Welcoming Congregation to Interweave   presented 10/12/14 by Joan Burleigh

UUAA as an Open Forum                    presented 10/5/14 by Bob & Beth Hospadaruk

Ann Arbor in 1865                             presented 9/28/14 by Sandy Simon


References for Historical Information

These Mini-Histories were presented orally during services and frequently do not include specific references to the source material. Some of the information is available in Marjorie Reade's 1990 book, "The Story of Our First 100 Years", some is from a Parish History written and submitted to the UUA in 1933 and available in the UUAA archives and the UUA archives and drawn in part from a history written by our 3rd minister, Joseph Crooker.

A web site that was used frequently for biographical information is  The Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography

A treasure trove of primary source material for all of these resources is stored in the Bentley Historical Library of the University of Michigan.

And many of the smaller facts can be found  in the digitized old Ann Arbor newspaper articles provided by the Ann Arbor District Library.

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