1882firstuubuildingIf you are interested in researching more about the history of our congregation, some of our documents are made available on this page. Much, much more information than you can imagine is archived in the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library.



 Other Historical Documents

Marjorie Reades unfinished history of First UU AA covering 1965-1980

Factoids: A collection of facts extracted from annual reports and board meeting archives by the hard work of Marion Holt and Eppie Potts.

The "Olney Letter": Infamous 1869 letter from Ann Arbor pastors and U of M faculty expressing their fear that the Unitarians might try to get "one of their own men" in as president of the university to spread the "peculiar notions" of Unitarianism.

 1895 article from the Ann Arbor Argus about a memorial service held at our church for Frederick Douglass


Follow this link to the "Mini-Histories" presented during our 2014-15 150th anniversary year.