The Fundraising Team is responsible for all major fund-raising activities of the Congregation.   The reporting relationship of the Team will be established after trial period ending in August, 2017.  The Fundraising Team oversees the Annual Budget Campaign (ABC) and capital campaigns.  Excluded are events such as group fundraising (e.g., YRUU apple dumplings and Men’s Council events.)

The proposed roles and responsibilities of the Revenue Team are:

  • Staff and conduct the annual budget campaign (ABC), and make improvements to its operation
  • Ensure other funding activities are active and fully staffed
  • Identify long-term rental opportunities
  • Ensure a consistent message among all funding activities
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of present activities and any proposed new activities
  • Work closely with the Finance Team to set funding goals

The Team provides oversight to and, more importantly, ensures staffing of

  • The ABC
  • Future capital campaigns
  • The Sunderland Society
  • Auction
  • Scrip sales, Books, Coffee and Candy sales
  • Acknowledgement Group
  • Other special or new events

Membership of the Team includes

  • One Board member liaison
  • Assistant Minister
  • The ABC Chair and Assistant Chair
  • The Chair of the Sunderland Society
  • Possible chair(s) of other fund-raising activities