IstvanCsillaJanKenVisit by Rev. Istvan and Rev. Csilla Buzogany-Csoma, Oct.-Nov. 2017

Istvan and Csilla came to visit in late October 2017.  We enjoyed sharing a week with them, participating in many church and area activities--lunches and dinners with others; the church Halloween Party, choir practice, and Sunday services; UM band practice and Hill Auditorium concert; Motawi Tile factory; Henry Ford Museum; our Habitat renovations; Detroit.  We had such a good time together. The photo shows Csilla and Istvan, with Jan Bower and our Minister Emeritus, Dr. Ken Phifer

A small group from Ann Arbor were able to visit them in August 2018.








RevIstvanAndGail2013Visit by New Partner Church minister, Rev. Istvan Buzogany-Csoma November 6 – 12, 2013

We hosted our new Partner Church minister, Istvan Buzogany-Csoma, for a week in November 2013.  This was his first visit to the United States and our first chance to meet him.  During our week together we got to know each other, introduced him to many American and Michigan sights, and enjoyed having him in our pulpit, both preaching and performing.  In June 2014, a small group from our church visited him, his family, and our partner congregation in Kézdivásárhely, Romania.





Visit by our partner church former minister, Rev. Maria Pap
September 29-October 4, 2010

We had the wonderful opportunity of hosting Rev. Maria and learning more about our Partner Church and about Unitarianism in Transylvania.

Rev. Pap taught 2 classes, Life and Culture in Kezdivarsahely and Szentivanlaborfalva and The Transylvanian Unitarian Church: Past and Present, as well as providing the reading and sermon at the regular Sunday services on October 3, 2010 reading and sermon at the regular Sunday services on October 3, 2010.

We had time to review the plans for the July 2011 pilgrimage to Transylvania and our Partner Church family.

You can view photos from Rev Pap's visit on this Flickr site .





The Balint family visit, June 2010 revbalint

We hosted the Balint family (Robert and Reka, and their children Dalma, and Mattyas) from June 1 until June 8, filling their days and some evenings with a mix of activities.  The Rev. Balint is the minister of the ‘Alabaster Village Church’ in Romania and was one of our guides for the 2008 Pilgrimage to Transylvania. Many of you attended the Sunday service on June 6 and heard Rev. Balint speak movingly about Balasz Ferenc.

Many had a chance to interact with the Balints.  Ministers and staff showed them around the church buildings and talked about our programs.  Walter Slater and Pam Reister provided personalized tours of the UM Graduate Library and the Art Museum. We climbed to the top of Burton Tower. The Khasi Hills committee had lunch with them at Cottage Inn.  Margaret & Charlie Pekarek, Cathy & Mike Muha, Phyllis Valentine & Tadd Rosa, and Gretchen & John Jackson hosted dinners in their homes.  The Muhas also provided a tour of Chelsea and the Teddy Bear Factory.  Many of you attended the Sunday service on June 6 and heard Rev. Balint speak movingly about Balasz Ferenc. YRUU hosted a pizza party afterwards.  We traveled to Detroit where we saw the Cultural Center, the UU church, the Renaissance Center, practice flights for a plane race, and enjoyed three round trips on the People Mover.  Monday we went to Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum.  

A wonderful time was had by all!  The Balints were off after our visit to Appleton, WI, then to Summit, NJ, and finally to General Assembly in Minneapolis.  They returned home on July 1.
Photographs of our time together are available here.