EntryDoveArts and Aesthetics Committee

The Arts & Aesthetics Committee was established in October, 1998 by the Board of Trustees. This committee maintains a written inventory of all art works in the building and is responsible for their planned placement. The plan developed by the committee respects the interior architecture of the building, considers artwork and related donations, and arranges for periodic exhibits of members' and friends' artwork. Read more about the art and artifacts in our building...




Memorial Garden Committee

When: Approximately five times a year
Where: UUAA

1stone400The Memorial Garden Committee is different from the memorial service team that is part of the Pastoral Care Ministry.

The Memorials Committee was founded in 1989 to administer, for the Board, the use and appearance of the Memorial Garden and the Memorial Plaque and Book. The Statement of Intent established in 1989 includes: "The purpose of the Plaque is to make available a permanent and public memorial, record of names, birth and death dates." The Plaque may be found on the outside wall of the common room near the library windows.

The purpose of the Memorial Garden is to make available an area in which ashes may be scattered as part of a planned garden which beautifies the First UU grounds. It is our intention that all record keeping, ceremonies, and practices relating to the Plaque and Garden will be performed in such a manner as to enhance our shared life in the congregation and our memories of deceased friends and relatives.

The committee meets approximately five times a year.