During the year 2020 and into 2021, we needed community more than ever! Our staff and lay leaders were busy and creative in setting up new and different ways for us to stay in touch with each other and help each other through the pandemic. 

We are now beginning to re-open to in person gatherings. Please read the latest information from our Covid-19 Advisory Team. And a big thank you to our Covid-19 Advisory Team - We are fortunate to have experienced public health professionals in our congregation who volunteered to advise the Board and Senior Minister on how best to respond to the fast changing information on the pandemic. Thanks Laura Bauman, Jim Lee, Jim Marks, Tom Reischl, Quiana Perkins, Cassandra Hartley,and Manish Mishra-Marzetti for serving on the team!

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This inspiring video created for our 2020 Annual Budget Campaign gives an overview of just some of the amazing work we are doing in our community during this challenging year.





Online Meetings with Zoom

Zoom - This link goes to an instructive video with all the details for getting started.

Zoom has a collection of video tutorials that might help you.

This Zoom tutorial gives a good background for basic controls to use during meetings.

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