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While we can no longer hold in-person gatherings, we are still very much a community and need community now more than ever! Our staff and lay leaders have been busy and creative in setting up new and different ways for us to stay in touch with each other and help each other through this difficult time. This web page collects some of the information that can help you stay connected!


Thank you to our COVID-19 Advisory Team - We are fortunate to have experienced public health professionals in our congregation who have volunteered to advise the Board and Senior Minister on how best to respond to the fast changing information on the current coronavirus outbreak. Thanks Jim Lee, Jim Marks and Tom Reischl for lending your expertise! The results of their survey on how congregants would like to approach re-opening is available following this link.



This inspiring video created for our 2020 Annual Budget Campaign gives an overview of just some of the amazing work we are doing in our community during this challenging year.




Please go to the home page for current information about each week's Sunday Service (usually at 11:30am, but please check the home page). We would be delighted to have you join us--  You can always use this link:


Children’s Corner at UUAA - A Video Series for Kids


View the playlist of Children's Corner Videos!

As our SGD staff and volunteers continue to plan for what fall classes might look like, they have created Children's Corner at UUAA, a regular video series created by SGD staff and volunteers that explores the world through the lens of Unitarian Universalist Principles. Children's Corner is created with children elementary age and younger in mind, and can be viewed on their own or as a family. Each video will have segments that should be familiar to returning SGD kids, as well as segments with song, movement, or activities you can do at home.

You can contribute! Each week families are asked to send in pictures or videos based on the activity featured. Send all of the above to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Our SGD leaders hope Children's Corner will become a part of your family's engagement with UUAA.




If you or a beloved member of the community are in need of support, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call 734-665-6158 ext 2. You may also contact the congregational chaplain, rev. theresa rohlck, directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our Mindful Eating Team is busy doing safely-distanced, masked, caring work in the world, helping out at Farmer Bill's to grow food that benefits Food Gatherers. "Service is Our Law" even during Covid 19. (Don't worry-- the 2 people in the photo less than 6 feet apart are spouses.) [ May, 2020]

 UUs Working at Farmer Bill's in facemasks, all safely distanced.


We Cannot Keep from Singing -- Music, Chalice Singers & Chalice Sparks are Virtual

UUAA's Sunday, August 30th service included this beautiful and inspiring piece of music engineering, singing Alleluia "together". Each musician in the video submitted their own recording, singing or ringing to a guide track. rev. theresa rohlck and Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout managed collection and initial organizing, Mike Halerz took the project home with editing, production, and artistic design of the video. Glen Thomas says he chose this piece for its familiarity and approachability. "We wanted both to offer a rewarding experience to the participating musicians, and learn as much as we could to improve our virtual music process ahead of the coming music-making season." 


Look through the entire Music and Singing Playlist from UUAA's YouTube channel.


FacebookIcon'OUR UUAA COMMUNITY' private Facebook Page

This community page allows congregants who are Facebook members (over 300 people) to connect. As the description from Rev Cassi says, "a place for UUAA members and friends to share thoughts, ask questions and generally experience a warm, loving community. To keep this a friendly and open discussion group, please remember that when posting or responding to a post, we all need to be respectful and do our best to follow our covenant."

People have posted ways to cope during the pandemic, UUAA groups activities, tips for reading and gardening and social action and much more!

If you would like to join the FB group, check your emailed weekly bulletin from UUAA for the link to Our UUAA Community. (You will need to have a Facebook account.)



Find us on Instagram

  Find us on Instagram:  @uuaa_community






Our Sunday services and the music and children's stories are all available on YouTube. Please join our YouTube channel.




UUAA Calendar of Events

Be sure to check out the UUAA calendar, and make sure you are subscribed to the UUAA Weekly Bulletin and Monthly Newsletter. To subscribe please fill out the subscription form using this link.  (You can use the form to update your contact information, also.) 


Weekly E-News and Monthly Newsletter

The UUAA Weekly E-News (used to be Bulletin) is typically emailed Thursday afternoons and the Monthly Newsletter is typically emailed the 28th of each month.You can click here to subscribe to our email newsletter/E-News list, or to update your contact information. If you have any questions, please email Welcome Ministries Coordinator Hannah Hotchkiss at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



StaffZoomScaledOnline ZOOM Meetings and Gatherings

Your committee meetings and small group meetings are probably on Zoom. Check out the UUAA calendar for dates and times,

UUAA is holding Zoom community gatherings. Some of the gatherings that take place are:

  • Pastoral Care sessions
  • YRUU chat (high school group)
  • UUAA Musicians Gathering
  • Sisterhood Socials
  • Kids are Zoomers, too! Zoom sessions for all age groups, even the Prek-5th Grade Zoom "Show and Tell" on Tuesday, 3/24, 10:00am

Please look for your email from UUAA to get schedules and links to these gatherings.

You can set up a Zoom meeting using on of the 3 UUAA Zoom meeting rooms, using our usual room reservation system, adapted for online meetings. Use this link to submit a Zoom Room Request Form.





Resources for Families

These family resources were mentioned in our COVID Parenting class:

Worries about your kids on social media, or screen time? Check out the American Academy of Pediatrics Family Media Plan. 

Having trouble with sibling being around each other in the house? This book may give some guidance.




Online Meetings with Zoom

 Learn more about Zoom-- read Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom - This link goes to an instructive video with all the details for getting started.

Zoom - If you can't download the client app, use these instructions.

Zoom has a good collection of video tutorials that might help you.

This Zoom tutorial gives a good background for basic controls to use during meetings.

Check email from UUAA for links to UUAA meetings, gatherings, services.


Coronavirus Information

Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering interactive map of global spread

Washtenaw County Health Dept Coronavirus Information

Center for Disease Control Coronavirus Information (including FAQs)



Go to the home page of this website .

Follow this link to UUAA's audio sermon archive, or the video sermon archive.

View the playlist of Children's Corner Videos