The Men’s Fellowship at UUAA provides a variety of opportunities for men to connect, build community, and have fun.

One-Day Winter Men's Retreat, Jan 30 , 2021

"Turning points" we are facing relative to the pandemic and our national politics.  Expect friendship, fun, intellectual & spiritual discourse, and lots of humor.

Saturday, January 30
Online in the morning, outdoor small group activities in the afternoon. FREE!

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Men's Circles

Men’s Circles are opportunities for men to make a deeper connection with other men while learning together, sharing issues of personal importance to them and their ongoing spiritual growth. Men’s Circles are groups of 8-14 men who meet once or twice a month. Currently, over 50 men are are active in five Men’s Circles in the congregation. If you are interested in learning more about men’s circles, please contact someone on the Men’s Council.

Men's Retreat

Since the Fall of 2000, men in the church have gathered once a year for a weekend-long “Men’s Retreat.” Each retreat has a unique theme and curriculum, providing a great opportunity to get away and make deeper connections with others in the congregation and learn more about yourself in the process. Combining large and small group activities with great food and a generous sprinkling of free time, the Retreat has become a great tradition in our congregation. The Men’s Retreat is usually held in early fall. To stay informed about the timing of the retreat, please join the uuaamen mailing list by registering at 

Boys Coming of Age Weekend

This weekend is a key part of the boys’ “Coming of Age” curriculum, providing an around the clock experience which we hope each boy will remember fondly through life. The experience of camping, cooking, eating, sharing, singing, with his male peers, fathers and mentors is designed to reinforce a feeling of belonging in the broader Community of Men in the congregation.


Men's Dinner

The Men’s Dinner is an annual opportunity for the men of our congregation to get together, share a meal and dive into a topic of interest. Outside speakers, roundtable discussions, and great food are all part of the mix that come together, typically in spring of every year.


Men's Council

The Men’s Council was formed to facilitate the various men’s activities and coordinate with the SGD department on men's activities in the congregation, including: Men’s Circles, the Men’s Retreat, the Men’s Dinner, the Boys Coming of Age weekend, Service Projects, and other events. Please consider joining our Google Group (and email list) using this link.

Current Men's Council members are:

Tom Chettelburgh
Glenn Harris - Men's circles
Pat Herbst - Vice Chair
Glenn Kime - Chair
Tim Miller - Secretary
Gregg Peterson - Treasurer
John Russell
Jim Schaefer - Communication
Kenji Yano


View/ Download the Men's Fellowship Charter

View/ Download the 2/29/2020 Men's Fellowship Financial Statement


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