Photos of renewable energy installations, Fall 2010

see photos from: 10/21, 11/5, 11/12, 11/19


WIND -- October 21st turbine installation began.




Placement of UUAA’s small wind turbine is on the highest ground with clearest surroundings that comply with Township requirements (pictured on 10/21/10 are Dave Friedrichs, as general contractor, and Matt Tripp from electrical wholesaler McNaughton-McKay)

20_rigsinparkinglot Toledo Caisson’s rigs can auger footings up to 14 feet in diameter, with this one for UUAA being just 42” wide.
20_startingdrilling . . . and 12 feet deep, with a steel cage insert and engineered anchor bolts patterned to accommodate the monopole being manufactured to hold the UUAA turbine.
20_insidehole The hole.
20_settingframe A level foundation ensures a plumb monopole (when set after a curing time frame of several weeks).

SOLAR-- November 5th installation.


Photo voltaic (solar) panels were installed on the south side of the building on November 5th. In this photo the installation team celebrates the accomplishment!

nov5_aceclamps First clamps were installed on the roof.
nov5_crossrails Crossrails secure the 48 solar panels, representing 10,800 watts of energy.
nov8_datacards On November 8th Don Winsor installed data cards in grid-tie invertors to monitor solar energy output.

NOV 12 - The Monopole Arrives

monopoleandbase The 80' monopole was unloaded on the Ellsworth side of the parking lot. In the foreground is the base for the monopole.
revgailpropeller Our minister then, Rev Gail Geisenhainer checks out 6’ rotors (blades) of Xzeres #110 turbine (2.5 kw) with Eric Ericksen and Mark Doman
viewsolarpanels 10.8 kilowatts of roof top solar panels are now visible from the labyrinth behind the Social Hall
solarpanelsroofview Closer view of the solar panels where Tim Neff and Hal, members of Homeland Builders Group were installing the PV wiring
2-5kw-set-and-sound-11-19-2010 11/19 - 2.5 Kilowatts Set and Sound
engineering-expertise-11-19-2010 11/19 - Engineering Expertise
got-crane-will-travel-11-19-2010 11/19 - Got Crane - Will Travel
jw-summiting-the-new-mount-uu-11-19-10 11/19 - John Wakeman of SUR Energy summiting Mount UU
re-project-foursome-11-19-2010 11/19 - The Renewable Energy Project Foursome
wakeman-uu-climb-19-nov-2010 11/19 - Climbing Mount UU