Several members of the Khasi Hills Sponsor-a-Student Committee at First UU are now in India. 

 Four of the group visited the Jowai Unitarian Church, the largest church in the Unitarian Union of NE India.

UUAA Members in the Khasi HillsAbove left to right: Hal Breidenbach, Marsa Shylla, Iaimanbha Thangkhiew, Rick Johnson, Leiki Suchiang, Cathy Doherty, Cathie Breidenbach, Rev. H. H. Mohrmen.

Reverend Jabez Sunderland of the Unitarian Church of Ann Arbor travelled to Jowai in 1896 and began the Ann Arbor connection with Khasi Unitarians.

JowaiChurchThe spacious and well-lit interior of the Jowai church. 















JabezInIndiaThe Jowai Church of the 19th century when Jabez Sunderland visited.


Shillong RooftopsRooftops of Shillong: Shillong is the capital of the state of Meghalaya where the Khasi Hills are located.

Khasi studentsThree students and one future student ready for church.











Head TeacherKong Rian Swer, the founder of the Mawkisyiem Unitarian Lower Primary School, in one of the classrooms. — in Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya, India.


schoolyard at Khasi schoolStudents from the Mawkisyiem school lining up beside the church. UUAA members sponsor the 105 students at the school, support students and teachers, and provided funds to build the new Unitarian church.