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The Mindful Eating Team Has a New Name!

The Food Justice Team advocates for human health and animal welfare while promoting equitable food systems that sustain the environment, alleviate hunger, and support farm and food workers.

Our goals are 1) Environmental: Working toward zero-waste at congregational events; educating our congregation and the wider community; 2) Racial Justice: Meeting local farmers/people of color, discussing their needs, assisting where needed; exploring treatment of food and farm workers. Our meetings are online and open to all.

To better reflect the full scope of this mission statement, the group has decided to change our name to the Food Justice Team.

If you would like more information about the work being done by the Food Justice Team and our plans for the future, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Farmer Bills Covid Time


Regenerative Agriculture:

What is it, how can it save the planet, and how are local farmers putting it into practice?

Friday, April 22, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Ann Arbor District Library, Westgate Branch

panel3Seminar Picture 1Four area farmers came together to discuss how they practice regenerative agriculture, and why doing so is important to them, and to the planet.

Shannon Brines, Brines Farm, Dexter, Hannah Rose Weber, Green Things Farm Collective, Ann Arbor; John Cox, Baseline Farm, Dexter; and Dan Gannon, Community Farm of Ann Arbor shared their wisdom with a packed room.

Thanks so much to the Ann Arbor District Library for co-hosting.

Questions? contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Food Gatherers Farm Project (Farmer Bill's)

Our Farm Project went well this past summer - our 10th season. We followed all the Covid-19 guidelines, but still had fun and doing our part to help Farmer Bill Schmid share food with Food Gatherers. Food Gatherers provides food to food pantries all over Washtenaw County.

bmAtBills cmAtBills fbCauliflower
distancing0620 farmStand0620 potatoes0620
flowers0620 tomatoes0620  sign0620


Plant-Powered Family Potluck

HarvestPotlucklineupWe had a fun Vegan Potluck Saturday, February 1, 2020

These bi-monthly potlucks feature plant-based vegan dishes without meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, or other animal products. We all enjoy the company of fellow mindful eaters, share information, and eat delicious food!   Questions? Contact Sheila Sanders at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Agriculture and Climate Change: Can Regenerative and Biodynamic Agriculture Save the Planet?


We had a good crowd to hear these exciting topics in November.

Aquillon Hetrick discussed Biodynamic Agriculture.

Aquillon spends her days farming at the Community Farm of
Ann Arbor, where she grows many different vegetables to feed the
large member-owned community. It is there that her 10-month old
son also spends his days, figuring out the laws of nature.
She studied Biodynamic Agriculture in Fair Oaks CA. with Harald
Hoven at the Rudolf Steiner College

Hajnal Minger discussed Regenerative Agriculture

Hajnal is a local food activist and promoter of permaculture and
Born and raised in Transylvania, Hajnal came to the US with a
degree in mechanical design and had a long career in the
automotive sector. However, her interests in sustainability, reuse
and recycling, and the environment, led her to obtaining a dual
science degree in Earth and Environment and Programs in the
Environment from the University of Michigan

On October 13, we visited Tilian Farm Development Center

IMG 5999 IMG 6003 IMG 6005
IMG 6006 IMG 6007  

Tilian is an incubator farm in Ann Arbor managed by the Michigan Food and Farming System. Tilian provides an opportunity for beginning farmers to learn farming with minimum risk and with guidance from experienced farmers and education on marketing, farming practices and farming systems in Michigan.
Tilian farmers are small diverse operations that are working on environmental, social and economic sustainability.
Hannah Rose Weber, a Tilian farmer and owner of The Land Loom, will showed us
around and explained her farm and the Tilian model.

BAmules at the wellNISHED - Movie at Friday Fun Night

On Friday, September 6 a large group watched this movie together.

In the stories of black families whose land and livelihood were stolen, the film illustrates the limits of the American legal system and the need for creative forms of repair. By introducing these families and the white communities who forced them out, BANISHED raises the question of responsibility for past wrongs and what is involved in righting them.

We will be discussing this movie on Wednesday, December 11 at the church. Anyone interested is welcome to come, even if you weren't able to see the movie.

The film is available on You Tube:    in case you would like to review it prior to the discussion.



Auction Dinner: Pollinators

On a lovely June evening in Saline, the Mindful Eating Team gathered to serve a lovely dinner to our guests. Each course had a description of "who" pollinated it. Our Master Gardener, Merrill, guided us through this education. Find these recipes here.


honeybee 311471 340   P1BeckyEileen   P4GualaBillRicardo
One of our pollinators!   Eileen and Becky   Ricardo, Bill, Guala
P9met   p15LillianKristen   Sunderlands
The Busy Bee Mindful Eating Team   Lillian and Kristin   Rebecca and Jim
 P5Food   P2dinner    p10Flowers
Lots of food..   Merrill discusses pollinators while guests eat   Flowers from Merrill's and Bill's gardens
P11game   p12MerrillTeacher   p13Sunroom
Becky playing a matching game -
flowers to their plants
  Merrill teaching us about pollinators   Gathering in the sunroom with drinks and
appetizers prior to dinner



March was CSA Information Month

fbveggies9.10We hosted several farmers at our table in the social hall, discussing their Community-Supported Agriculture Farms.

If you want more information on CSAs, you can attend the CSA Fair on April 20 at Ann Arbor Farmers Market



The Future of Washtenaw County: Farms and Open Space

IMG 5306

On Feb. 26th, 2019, we had a wonderful group of speakers: Ginny Trocchio, Superintendant of Park Planning and Natural Areas, Washtenaw County Parks & Rec. Commission; Larry Doll, local farmer and board member of the Legacy Land Conservancy; new farmer, Hannah Rose Weber of the Land Loom; Kathy Sample of Argus Farm Stop; and Remy Long of the Greenbelt program.

Thanks so much to the Ann Arbor District Library, Westgate Branch, for being such good hosts. And thanks to the great crowd, with many interesting questions.



 See the Ethical Eating Statement of Conscience, voted in at GA in 2011