UUAA Church Buildings from 1862 to the present.


Remember UUAA in Your Will & Estate Plan


Share Your Values Across Generations

The generosity of people who have included UUAA in their estate plans has been critical to the success of our congregation. From maintaining our beautiful building and land to making grants through the Jackson Social Welfare Fund, such gifts provide support for our mission year in and year out. Since 2005 UUAA has received nearly $1 million from planned gifts. That money has been used to reduce the mortgage, improve our building, and get us through some hard times.

Planned or legacy gifts are generally bequests from people who remembered UUAA in their wills and estate plans. Organizing one’s affairs before our death is something we want to do anyway. Having a plan is a great benefit to our families and loved ones. It is also a great way to perpetuate our shared values into the future.




Create a Legacy That Matches Your Values

For over 150 years, the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor (UUAA) has been a spiritual home where people meet across the generations. With your help, we can keep building the Beloved Community for generations to come.

If you’ve put off your estate planning, you’re not alone. Maybe it seems too complicated or somber, or you think your “estate” is too small to matter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Like spirituality itself, planned giving is an opportunity to think about what is of ultimate value to you and to put those values into action. And like religious community, together we can accomplish more than we could ever do alone.



The Benefits of Giving

Planned gifts can offer you compelling benefits:

  • Giving you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out for your loved ones and the values you care about
  • Providing income streams for yourself or your loved ones
  • Deducting a portion of a gift to be made in the future as an immediate charitable contribution
  • Avoiding/reducing capital gains taxes on the sale of assets that have risen in value
  • Memorializing your commitment to UUAA through an endowed fund
  • Knowing that the assets you carefully assembled over your lifetime will be managed and distributed according to the highest standards.
  • A clear and organized estate plan is its own gift to your descendants.





UUAA has been a source of spiritual nourishment and musical community, in addition to being a beacon for social justice. I want the congregation to continue to enrich the lives of future generations.

- Brandy Sinco









It is our responsibility to make sure our children, grandchildren, and all generations hereafter have the opportunities of faith that we have been so generously given.

- Beth and Bob Hospadaruk




Ways to Give

Most of us can give more generously from our total assets than from our annual income, which means planned gifts are commonly the largest contributions we’ll ever make.

Many types of planned gifts are available. Your attorney or financial planner can help you choose what’s best for you. Examples include:

  • Making a bequest in a will, living trust, life insurance policy, or retirement account
  • Giving the asset now and receiving income for life (charitable remainder trust)
  • Giving property while retaining the right to use it during your lifetime
  • Making an outright gift of cash, securities, or real estate


20by20Sunderland Society

When you make a commitment for a planned gift to UUAA, you become a member of the Sunderland Society, named in honor of our forebears, Jabez and Eliza Sunderland. Jabez Sunderland was the Ann Arbor congregation’s minister from 1878-1898. While serving as Jabez’s informal co-minister, Eliza earned her PhD at the University of Michigan and taught religion there for 17 years. Together, they fought for women’s rights, created our link with Unitarians in the Khasi Hills of India, and firmly positioned our congregation for growth.

The Planned Giving Team has set a goal of adding 20 new members to the Sunderland Society by 2020. Our “20 by 20” campaign will help ensure that the congregation continues to thrive and grow. If you’re interested in joining the Sunderland Society, or have other questions about planned giving, we’d be happy to talk with you. Please contact the Planned Giving Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a conversation about how you can share your values across generations.




LINKS TO RESOURCES - You can download this form:               

UUAA Planned Giving Form; Confidential Statement of Intent





We all enjoy the shade of trees planted by those who came before. The UUAA buildings and grounds, programs and ministries are made possible in part by those who were generous in their estate giving. In gratitude for this community we offer a share of our good fortune to help continue the work of UUAA as it plants a few new trees.

- The Stalhandske Family




QUESTIONS AND FURTHER INFORMATION   Contact the Planned Giving Committee at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or contact committee members, Becky Hoort, Jim Lee and Don Duquette