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Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 7/6/2014, Threshold
Rev. Fran Dew, 6/29/2014, Embracing the Cousins
Rev. Mark Evens, 6/22/2014, Providence
Rev. Mark Evens, 6/15/2014, Redemption
Rev. Mark Evens, 5/18/2014, The Individual in Community
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 5/11/2014, Three Mothers
Rev. Mark Evens, 5/4/2014, What is Right Relationship?
Rev. Mark Evens, 4/27/2014, The Welcome Table
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 4/20/2014, Flower Communion
Rev. Mark Evens, 4/13/2014, Grace
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 4/6/2014, UUSC
Rev. Mark Evens, 3/23/2014, Atheism and the Origins of the Modern World
Rev. Mark Evens, 3/16/2014, Modern Myths of the Self
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 3/9/2014, The Chalice Cup
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 3/2/2014, Hope Again
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 2/23/2014, Love Engaged
Rev. Mark Evens, 2/16/2014, The Practice of Mindfulness
Rev. Mark Evens, 2/9/2014, Reflections on Race Relations in Ann Arbor
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 2/2/2014, To Save or to Savor the World
Rev. Mark Evens, 1/26/2014, Justice for Every Body
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 1/12/2014, Prayers for a New Year ( parts 1 and 2 )
Rev. Mark Evens, 12/29/2013, As Wise as Serpents, As Gentle as Doves
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 12/22/2013, In the Bleak Mid-Winter
Rev. Mark Evens, 12/8/2013, Living with Traditions
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 12/1/2013, Santa's Secrets
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 11/24/2013, Helpfulness and Sacrifice
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 11/17/2013, Promises to Keep
Rev. Mark Evens, 11/10/2013, What Is At Stake in Detroit
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer and Rev. Istvan, 11/3/2013, The Light That Connects Us
Rev. Mark Evens, 10/20/2013, Diversity - How and Why
Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 10/6/2013, Join the Movement
 Rev. Gail Geisenhainer, 9/29/2013, Oh God
Rev. Mark Evens, 9/22/2013, The Beloved Community