Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) News

UUSC represents our arms reaching to embrace a world in need. UUSC partners with 70 organizations around the world as well as here at home, helping them work on the issues that most concern them and offering counsel, financial assistance, and ongoing support. Who are these organizations? What are their major concerns? Climate Justice, Human Rights Justice (Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression), Immigrant Justice, and Radical Welcome.

Climate Justice

In the South Pacific, rising seas have actually drowned islands in the Fiji island chain, forcing whole communities to find home elsewhere. Here in the US, UUSC works with Louisiana delta families and Alaskan communities struggling with the effects of climate change and rising seas that have not only taken their homes but has affected their traditional dependence on fishing.

Human Rights Justice

There are several areas in the world where UUSC helps out, including:

  • in Poland/Ukraine, where those fleeing Ukraine who identify as LGBTQ can find support to gain safe housing and council. 
  • in Burma/Myanmar, where there is acute food insecurity, lack of clean water, and limited access to health care and education, UUSC offers financial aid and organizational tools to assist in gathering people together for planning. Also, the US Congress passed the BURMA Act last year with significant help from UUSC staff and other members of the coalition.

Immigrant Justice /Radical Welcome 

UUSC prepares and mobilizes congregations in the US for CAPAS (Congregational Accompaniment Project for Asylum Seekers). UUAA is already participating in CAPAS.

We help to fund this work through direct donations as individuals or through the yearly program called Guest At Your Table. In the months ahead, we will be able to familiarize ourselves with the various kinds of support that UUSC offers to their partner organizations, in supporting gender justice, climate justice

or defending human rights. Check out the UUSC  website for more information.