Contact Pastoral Care

How to reach Pastoral Care

If you find yourself in a hardship or otherwise stressful situation, our Pastoral Care Team may be able to assist you. Just as important, if you are aware that a fellow congregant is in need of support, let us know your concerns. Always obtain permission before sharing details about someone’s medical or personal condition with the team.

Contact rev. theresa rohlck, Minister of Pastoral Care:

(734) 665-6158

You may also connect with any member of the Pastoral Care Team (listed below).

Pastoral care publishes the weekly Pastoral Care News as a way to keep the community updated and connected. If you have pastoral news to share, send a note to

The Pastoral Care Team

The pastoral care team works closely with rev. theresa, UUAA’s Minister of Pastoral Care, to provide and coordinate pastoral care for the UUAA community.

Current members are: Lucy Graff, Larry Works, Pat Herbst, Leigh Robertson, and (not pictured) Debita Graham