Our Vision

Our Vision

We have a vision of a better world: where every person lives free of racism and oppression, and where all children grow up in a healthy, sustainable environment. Our vision extends to the community we want to build at UUAA: where every individual is valued for who they are and empowered to live into their full selves. We know this is long-term work – up to 2050 and beyond – and we seek ways to advance it every day. Vision 2050 is our collective North Star, our guiding light, aligning with our principles, values, and covenants. Over 40 groups participate in ways big and small, and we look for opportunities that bring in the entire UUAA community. The links below can help you find on-ramps to participate. Or contact vision@uuaa.org with questions or to request a call with a member of our team.

Upcoming Vision 2050 Events

Explore our many Groups and Teams working toward our vision: Find Your Fit

Learn more about the three areas that organize our vision work:

Climate Action/Climate Justice

Radical Welcome


Read our Vision 2050 Congregational Vision document.

Our UUAA Core Values

We join together in community to encourage and inspire each other’s spiritual journeys, to honor and care for the natural world around us, and to join forces in furthering social justice in the Ann Arbor area and the wider world.

Spiritual Life – We find inspiration, renewal, and challenge in worship services. Children, youth, and adults are enriched by classes and programs that expand religious understanding and nurture spiritual growth rooted in Unitarian Universalist traditions and values.

Social Justice and Environmental Action – We live our beliefs by creating, sustaining, and enhancing programs that actively engage congregants of all ages in projects that promote peace, justice, and positive environmental action locally and beyond.

Community – We create and foster community by providing an intentionally welcoming and safe environment where all feel valued and cared for, and where all are given opportunity to form meaningful connections with one another. We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion of all. We cherish the diversity of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, education, and political perspective. We live together in peace, search for truth in love, and help one another.

Stewardship – We are all active stewards, serving our congregation and pursuing our ministries through prudent and creative use of our resources, whether physical, environmental, financial or human. We show respect and care for our beautiful building and grounds, for our staff, and for one another. We cultivate healthy relationships among members of this congregation and with the wider world.

Culture – We are nourished by the culture that has evolved in this congregation throughout our rich liberal religious heritage in Ann Arbor. Our culture is rooted in our core belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every individual. We learn and grow from our differences. We value our connections, past, present and future, to the Unitarian Universalist world.