Ways to Give

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Capital Campaign

On Sunday, April 17, 2022, we kicked off our capital campaign, Upholding Our Values, with a goal of raising $1.3 million over the next 3 years. This campaign will allow us to:

  • Make significant progress on our Vision 20/50 Climate Action goals,
  • Retire our mortgage, and
  • Save over $100,000 annually in operating expenses that we can redeploy to other Vision 20/50 goals

You can help by making a capital campaign commitment online.

As we transition to an unknown post-covid environment while launching ambitious Vision 20/50 projects, we are at a pivotal time in the life of our congregation. The support of everyone for this campaign can assure our success in this evolving new environment.

Learn more about the Capital Campaign.


Annual Auction

Join us for this social event of the year, including a chance to bid on items such as art, jewelry, homemade delectables, and services. Past reviewers say the best items are the EXPERIENCES – cabin getaways, themed group dinners, parties, sports events, and much, much more.

Learn more about the Annual Auction.

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Supporting Justice

Your financial support empowers our congregation to work for justice in our community. For example, in 2020 our Immigration Action Coalition provided $14,000 to help undocumented people affected by the shutdown. We also provided sanctuary to a woman who had been separated from her husband at the border and detained for 10 months. They are now reunited!