Pastoral Care Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities

Pastoral care relies on volunteers to realize its mission of providing compassionate care, love, and support to members of our community.  If you are called to this work, there are opportunities in various roles and with various time commitments.  You could volunteer to provide meals, offer rides, make visits/phone calls, write cards, or even contribute to our Comfort Shawl Ministry.

Please let us know of your interest and/or if you have questions about how you can offer your skills to this important ministry. Contact: or

Pastoral Care Network

On Sunday, May 19th, 2019, the new UUAA Pastoral Care Network was introduced to the congregation. This network approach combines the skills and strengths of the ministerial team and the congregation to provide assistance to all members of the beloved community. A key element of the network is congregant to congregant care (congregants providing help to each other).