2022 Capital Campaign

Upholding Our Values is the 2022 Capital Campaign to raise $1.3 million over 3 years, to allow UUAA to:

  • Make significant progress on our Vision 20/50 Climate Action goals,
  • Retire our mortgage, and
  • Save over $100,000 annually in operating expenses that we can redeploy to other Vision 20/50 goals

Please read more about the campaign…

Download/ Read the March Campaign Letter that details the proposed expenditures.

Download/ Read an FAQ Sheet about the campaign.

View the Video of the Tuesday, March 22nd Q&A discussion (which includes answers to questions from the March 13th Q&A)

Download/ Read the April Campaign Letter to the Congregation

Make your commitment…

Make a capital campaign commitment online

Download a printable commitment form

Download Instructions for a Realm Commitment Setup

More questions? Contact Deb Markham at Deb@uuaa.org.