Radical Welcome

The vision of Radical Welcome, one of UUAA’s three 2050 priority areas, is crucial to our congregational purpose.  We seek to welcome and include all people into our community, especially those who are systematically marginalized.  We strive to create a safe environment for everyone to be seen, heard, and valued.  

Radical Welcome goes beyond hospitality.
Radical means Transformation

By practicing Radical Welcome, we are willing to be transformed by others in our community, and we endeavor to change and grow because of new connections.  We are learning to go beyond just making room at the table – to ask what kind of a space we need to give everyone a voice. At UUAA, Radical Welcome allows each of us to help shape our congregational life and embrace everyone in our beloved community.  

For more information, you can email RadicalWelcome@uuaa.org 


Learn more about the concept of Radical Welcome!  Explore resources that bring Radical Welcome alive…books, music, videos!  Discover what Radical Welcome has personally meant for some of our community members and have fun searching and learning with this link.  


Many UUAA teams/groups are finding their own paths to putting Radical Welcome into practice.  Each effort widens the space for individuals to bring their full, unique selves into UUAA and help shape our growing and ever-changing community. Check out the many groups and the way they are practicing radical welcome by clicking on this link.


Join others in a one-time chalice circle (facilitated gatherings of 6-10 people) with Radical Welcome as the topic.  Or have a Radical Welcome chalice circle with members of your established UUAA group.  Either way, it’s a great chance to practice deep listening and explore the idea of Radical Welcome through readings and shared personal reflections.  If interested, please contact radicalwelcome@uuaa.org

Radical Welcome begins the moment someone steps through UUAA’s door, and travels with our community members as their lives unfold.  For more information or to get involved, contact the Radical Welcome coordinating team at RadicalWelcome@uuaa.org  We look forward to your insights, observations and aspirations as we make this journey… together… with open hearts.

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